Nov 17 2019

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Ipas stock-Ipas stock
Ipas stock-The Internet Prospect Acceleration System (or iPAS, for short) was created by Chris Campbell and Chris Jones. The iPAS marketing system is an unusual business

iPAS Marketing System Reviews – Legit or Scam?

The Internet Prospect Acceleration System (or iPAS, for short) is an internet based business system created by Chris Campbell and Chris Jones. The iPAS marketing system is an unusual business model, not generally seen in the world of internet marketing.

Usually, when you purchase an online business opportunity, what you receive with your purchase is a guide for how to run your own business. Depending on what business you are purchasing and from whom, you may receive a variety of things with this business opportunity purchase. Sometimes you’ll get DVD training materials, sometimes personal business coaching services, sometimes 24/7 support, sometimes a website – the list of what you may get goes on and on.

But ultimately, regardless of what you are provided with, the responsibility of creating a successful, money making business lies directly on you, regardless of what tools, resources, or information you receive. The iPAS business system is a little different.

With iPas, instead of receiving the tools necessary to build your own business, you buy into a business co-op run by Chris Campbell and Chris Jones. This means that the business is owned by the workers. In short, if you choose to join iPAS, you are buying a share of a business, rather than your own business.

In exchange for you joining the iPAS marketing system, you will receive your own website, your own marketing team, and your own sales staff. Your business will be run according to the iPAS business model, and in his video, Chris Campbell makes an excellent argument for why this is a great idea. He says that his company has the best people working in each area that is best suited to them, and you get to benefit from their expertise as opposed to providing it all yourself.

What is confusing about iPAS is what, exactly, they get from you. If they are providing the website, the marketing, and the sales staff, as well as the products that will be sold on the website, then what exactly are you doing? Well, as far as I can see, you’ll be investing money.

Campbell alludes to this in his video, making a comment about how “if you invest $80,000 towards marketing,” then Campbell and Jones will kick in $20,000 to make your total marketing budget $100,000, but then they become 20% owners of the “traffic” you receive, is how they put it.

As for how exactly you make your money, and how the money is divided up between you and the iPAS company, there is no real explanation on their sales page. Campbell and Jones prefer for you to actually speak to a member of their team in order to get all the final details and to see if they will even accept you as a member for iPAS.

While the iPAS marketing system sounds interesting, and even promising, I would caution you that these one-on-one sales calls often end in the seller asking all sorts of questions about your financial situation, including bank statements and credit card limits, which generally then ends with them recommending that you max out your credit cards or empty your savings in order to become a part of this “amazing” opportunity.

It’s in your best interest to be prepared for that kind of conversation, to know up front how much money you would be willing to spend and to not allow yourself to be talked out of it. Remember, at the end of the day, every business opportunity has the potential for you to lose the money you invest, and if you can’t afford to lose it, then you should be wary of investing it.


Ipas stock


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